Tofu as a part of a healthy diet

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Tofu is a food with high nutritional value and significant health benefits. If the tofu is to be considered high quality, high-quality raw ingredients are necessary. At Alfa Bio, we use only non-genetically modified ingredients and precipitants.

Tofu contains:

  • proteins;
  • lecithin – is essential for the body’s cells to function, it reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, protects the heart and blood vessels, helps prevent lung cancer, improves the nervous system and memory functions;
  • invaluable omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic acid are present, which have a protective benefit against heart disease and help to treat a variety of inflammations;
  • polyunsaturated linoleic acid – reduces the feeling of hunger, supports metabolic functions, accelerates muscle mass growth, helps to decrease cholesterol levels, helps protect the body from cancer;
  • calcium (2x more calcium than in cow milk), iron (more than in beef liver and spinach), phosphorous, magnesium
  • B vitamins, tocopherols.

Why tofu is healthy

  • Tofu contains an abundance of protein

If we choose tofu as our source of protein, we are then consuming, aside from high-quality protein, calcium and magnesium in addition to more nutrients with cancer-fighting benefits. Soy has a natural value; it is the only vegetable with a balanced proportion of all the essential amino acids. This quality allows it to be used as a substitute for the animal protein contained in meat.

  • Tofu is cholesterol free

Like all vegetable products, tofu doesn’t contain any cholesterol. Moreover, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which help control cholesterol levels in the body.

chilli tofu

  • Tofu has a positive effect on the heart

Tofu helps prevent coronary thrombosis and heart attacks and it protects against arteriosclerosis. With regular consumption of tofu, blood becomes less dense, thereby increasing the flow of blood through the coronary arteries.

  • Tofu increases the amount of calcium in the bones

The amount of calcium present in tofu is two times that in milk or in spinach. As a result, it helps increase the amount of calcium in one’s bones, which functions as prevention against osteoporosis.

  • Tofu decreases the risk of cancer

Studies show that tofu contains ingredients, which can prevent and treat cancer growth. Research has confirmed that, for example, regular consumption of tofu reduces the risk of colon cancer by half. This cancer-fighting effect was also demonstrated in cancer of the breasts, prostate, colon, lungs, and stomach.

  • Tofu helps women going through menopause

The feeling of discomfort for women experiencing menopause can, among other things, reduce oestrogen production. Tofu contains plant hormones — isoflavones, which partly replace natural hormones formed in the ovaries and in this way help reduce unpleasant symptoms during menopause.

  • Tofu is rich in vitamins and minerals

Tofu contains six times more iron than in spinach and two times more iron than in beef liver. In addition to calcium and iron, tofu is a valuable source of other minerals, especially zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. It is a valuable source of B-vitamins, pro-vitamin A and vitamin E. It has a high proportion of protein, essential amino acids, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. Plus, it is low in carbohydrates.

  • Tofu helps balance in the body

Tofu is an alkaline food. It counteracts acidity in the body and also ailments, such as, obesity, osteoporosis, gout, eczema, and other consequences of an acid-base imbalance in the body.

  • Contaminant and GMO free

As long as you don’t buy tofu from shady sources – most often from unknown producers in Asia – then you can be assured that it doesn’t contain any contaminants. Our tofu isn’t genetically modified.

What if you don’t care about nutrition as much as ecology and ethics? Then which is better meat or tofu from an ecological and ethological perspective? If we don’t consider the impact on health, eating tofu is certainly cheaper, more ecological and ethical than eating meat. So, go ahead, relax and enjoy your tofu.