The quality of our products – Certificates

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Certainly you will agree that, in the customer’s view, quality and price are the most important criteria when choosing products.

The Alfa Bio Company cares deeply that our customers not only eat in a healthy way, but also that they are always assured of product quality and safety.

Assuring quality standards is carried out by our quality management system. The way of executing this management is in the hands of each company, although reputable ones implement it according to internationally recognized standards.

This is why Alfa Bio places great emphasis on quality management as well as safety and implements these principles according to internationally recognized standards. During certification audits, Authorized certification organizations verify the level of compliance according to the requirements of each individual standard. If the certification audit confirms that the requirements of relevant standards have been met, the certification body issues the company a certificate. However, the granting of certificates doesn’t stop there. The level of compliance is reviewed regularly, at least once a year.

The certificate is, therefore, a document which confirms that the organization has fulfilled all the relevant requirements of the international standards. This is a document that provides a guarantee for customers that the products available on the market fulfil all the parameters declared in the product specifications, which are approved by customers.

The quality of our products has been confirmed by international certification

The company Alfa Bio Ltd. holds ISO 22000 certificates – Food Safety Management System and IFS Food certificate – Safety Management System and Quality Processes of Food Product Producers. The certification body is the renowned international group SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) based in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • ISO 22000 and IFS Food (International Featured Standards) – given the specific character of food production and demands therein, further international standards were created, which deal precisely with this area of specification. In addition to the quality of products they also take into account important attributes of food products, which is undoubtedly their health safety assurance.