The first pâté spread with no cholesterol

Our pâté spread is made especially for those who love rich flavours. Containing no cholesterol or preservatives, it is made purely from vegetable ingredients, well-balanced thanks to delicate spices and herbs that go well with green onions and vegetables. It is recommended that you serve it with cranberry sauce, almonds or fresh figs to intensify your gourmet experience and enhance the flavour of the spread.

Our pâté spread in a cup has a use-by date of 60 days.

Our spreads are based on legumes, which are widely recommended by specialists as they contain a large amount of proteins. Our spreads can be used in a variety of ways: although they are most commonly simply spread on bread, you can also use them to flavour sauces and soups. They are also great for pirogi or savoury cakes.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PER 100g / Product weight 100g
Energy/Energy value – 1084kJ/262kcal, proteins 6.8 g, carbohydrates 9.0 g / of which sugars 0g, fat 23 g / of which saturated fatty acids 2.3g, salt 1.5 g.
Tofu (water, soya beans), water, rape oil, okara (water, soya beans), onion, corn starch, pea fibre, wheat protein, inactive yeast, soya sauce (water, fermented soya beans, fermented wheat, salt), apple vinegar, salt, spice mixture, yeast extract, fermented rice, garlic, aroma.