How we make our vegetable spreads

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You can also purchase delicious vegetable spreads under our brand. The following lines bring you closer to their laborious method of invention and production.

How our vegetable spreads are created

The creation of new spreads is executed by a multi-member team who tests and combines different ingredients until the moment that everyone’s reaction is 100% satisfaction. Sometimes a little distaste is enough. Taste and high quality are our priorities and the reason why onions, for example, which add a subtle flavor to most spreads, are fried here at „home“ and we don‘t take advantage of fried so-called „onion chips“ purchased ahead of time. This way we maintain our ingredients‘ authenticity and strive to make our products always taste delicious.

After approval, the recipes must be made into a trial production batch and the new products must sit in our warehouse a required number of days. This is in order to ensure that each product retains its required quality throughout the whole of its consumption period.

How spreads are actually produced

The first step is weighing all the raw ingredients. Nice and gradually yeast, onions, tomato puree, salt, pepper, more TOFU, in some cases okara, peas or even chives are weighed. The second step, we gradually add each individual ingredient into a large mixer, which holds up to 400 kg of spread. According to specific procedure, the spreads will then be mixed or alternatively it will go through a tooth mill.   Thanks to the fact that we don’t process certain ingredients, like cod for example, you can find whole peas in this vegetable spread.

French or Mexican spreads are put through a tooth mill several times so that they gain a smooth consistency. When they have finished, we put the mixture into casings, cups, or cans.

After packaging, a preserving temperature is adhered to since we must prevent the process of the spreads perishing — given the natural behavior of the food. Vegetable spreads are preserved in the same way as in the production of TOFU and with peace of mind we can repeat:

We don’t use chemical preservatives

Surely, you have thought about how it is possible that our packaged tofu and spreads keep in the refrigerator several weeks. We don’t use chemical preservatives? No, a knowledge of the laws of physics is enough. Aside from mold, other elements contribute to the decay of foods, including yeast or put in another way thermo-sensitive bacteria. You know this process form the souring of milk. This kind of bacteria is friends with proteins and thus you can always find them together in an open environment.   But, friendship isn’t always a source of happiness. Bacteria court proteins into a variety of mischief and spoil their morale. Those rude proteins do not taste good to our customers (an exception would be how sour soy milk tastes). This is why a strict police officer steps in – temperature. After packaging into impenetrable film, which with the help of special technology, eliminates most of the air and the product is heated to 95° Celsius. At this temperature and without air we can knock out bacteria from the space. Those who remain are given a strong talking to, so that they don’t spoil the morale of the protein. And mold? Mold simply put doesn’t stand a chance. We maintain our operations at a 100% regularly cleaning sanitation program, so much so that mold occurs only in ones imagination.

vegetable spreads

Our spreads are healthy and delicious, while at the same time are made entirely of vegetarian ingredients. They couldn’t be more convenient, just put them on your favorite bread or other baked goods. We recommend goods made from whole grains, so that the health effect is more pronounced. Our vegetable spreads can also be used in cooking and baking.