Healthy nutrition – why and how

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Healthy nutrition, or whatever is today’s popular term for a healthy lifestyle, isn’t about dieting or rejecting food that you love. It is more about understanding what kind of foods help you feel better, to be full of energy, to have a better mood and to be better able to manage stress.

Why start eating healthy foods?

In the early 90s, the term flexitarian began to be used. This was created from a combination of the words – flexible and vegetarian.   Flexitarians are people who don‘t feel the need to become vegetarians, but at the same time understand that reducing the amount of animal-based products and increasing the amount of plant-based foods is good for them. This kind of diet helps achieve the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional components to maintain a high quality of life, help prevent diseases, support the heart, brain, joints, muscles, bones, improve metabolism, and gain energy. In addition to these personal health benefits, practitioners can be motivated to attain a more ethical and ecological view.

How to start eating healthy

Think of the reasons why we should eat healthy. Do you want to improve your health, feel better, and be a role model for your kids? This means making dietary changes that you can live with and at the same time enjoy life to the fullest extent. This includes more fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole-grain foods, reducing the amount of animal fats and reducing intake of salt and sugar.

healthy nutrition

A healthy diet is for you if:

  • You are searching for diversity. Think of it as an adventure. You’re searching among all kinds of food, which you had rejected because of prejudice or because you’d never eaten them before.
  • You are searching for balance in your meals. Aim for quality representation of cereals, vegetables, fruits, and proteins.
  • You can listen to your body and recognize the value of moderation. Eat when you are hungry; notice how your new diet works. Moderation doesn’t mean that you must give up all foods that you are used to eating; but that heavy foods will no longer be the foundation for your meals and you‘ll find healthy alternatives to them.

Changes that you can make:

  • Reduce the proportion of animal fat in your diet
  • Increase the proportion of plant products
  • Reduce the proportion of sugar, white flour
  • Use healthier ways of food preparation

Healthy nutrition is a way of gradual change, not an unpleasant, abrupt overhaul

Gradually reduce your regularly consumed unhealthy foods and special occasion foods. Enrich your diet with healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, and also with plant-based products. You can find many in the selection of products that Alfa Bio makes. Alfa Bio products enable you to reduce the amount of animal foods and on top of that contain a great deal of high-quality nutrients that will benefit your life. More information on this can be found in our article “Tofu as a part of healthy nutrition”.

For most people, a healthy diet is a matter of deciding to do it, a matter of strong will. In any case being aware that you are doing something for your health can motivate you physically and mentally. After only a short time, the positive effects on your health become evident and you will really feel that you are feeling better. From a long-term perspective there is also a financial effect. You won’t have to throw away money on expensive medicine and nutritional supplements, because a healthy diet can heal you.