Delicious tofu in 7 ways – it’s all about the way you prepare it

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You’ve certainly already tasted tofu, or at least seen it for sale in your grocery store; but maybe you still don’t know in how many different ways it can be prepared. It is one of the easiest to prepare and healthiest to eat. It’s preparation is easy, fast and can be used in any cooking method.

1. Select the appropriate kind of tofu

According to the type of food you want to prepare, choose the appropriate kind of tofu – natural, chilli pepper or basil flavoured, marinated, smoked. You can use it in the preparation of savoury foods and soups and also sweet foods and desserts, drinks, spreads and cream filling.

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2. Use tofu in traditional and international cuisine

Experiment with different cuisines and use tofu in place of meat and cheese. Whether you are into traditional or international cuisines – the result will most certainly be a nice surprise for you. Your meal with have a fabulous taste and at the same time will feel lighter.

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3. Marinating

Tofu is packaged in brine so that it doesn’t dry out and has preserved freshness. When you remove it from its packaging, dry it with paper towels and squeeze out the water. The better you dry it the sturdier it will be. The removed liquid can then be used instead of marinades and spices.

White tofu, in particular, doesn’t have its own distinct flavour and is exceptional in that it completely absorbs all kinds of flavours, which are added as marinades and spices. The longer it is marinated, the stronger the taste will be.

4. Crumble it, grate it, chop it

With tofu in your kitchen, you can experiment in many different ways – sauté, in risotto, in place of eggs when making scrambled eggs, in salads, and in soups.

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5. Puree it

With pureeing, you get the consistency appropriate for preparing “meatballs” and filling for cakes, pâtés, and spreads.

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6. Fry it, grill it

You can fry it in a pan, grill it, or bake it in the oven.

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7. Use it as a filling

You can use it as a filling for pastas, jelly-rolls, lasagne, peppers, or aubergine. You can use it instead of ricotta cheese.

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