Alfa Bio – vision and values

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VISION: ALFABIO has the ambition to become a leader in the development and production of vegetable protein /protein/ based products and to promote their consumption within the V4 region.  We want to create and carry out a new concept in distribution to the GASTRO restaurant, HORECA (hotels & restaurants), and retail segments.  Our goal is to become the most attractive employer in the region.  We want to be a responsible partner to producers and the environment.  We want to realize our vision in accordance with sustainable development.

According to the view of the World Health Organization (WHO), a diet consisting primarily of vegetable food sources is preferred.

The basic values we follow at Alfa Bio are:

  • health
  • quality
  • a conscious relationship to our surroundings and the natural environment

Alfa Bio products under the Lunter brand

The importance of these values are also reflected in the new logo, which can be found on our products:

  • it all started in our family house in 1980
  • our motivation was love of family and the environment
  • our products are made of real, honest vegetarian ingredients
  • from the fertile Slovak farmland

The new product line, from Alfa Bio, with the LUNTER name

Our values have stood the test of time and we count on them being the same in the future:

“We are here for those who want to have a healthy diet, but who don’t want to compromise on taste. Alfa Bio is an innovative company producing and constantly evolving delicious and healthy food, providing its costumers with the opportunity to eat tasty, colourful, yet balanced foods.” Lea Striežencová (Marketing Director)

How our values are reflected on a practical level.



A conscious relationship with our surroundings and the natural environment

  • Our relationship with the Banska Bystrica region and with Slovakia can be seen in the fact that we use raw ingredients grown in Slovakia (see above) and we provide employment for more than 150 people in our and adjacent regions. We support local farmers, businesses, and primary producers.
  • The dynamic growth of our company allows us to confidently predict that overtime the number of employees will continue to rise.
  • We exclusively use environmentally friendly technology in our production. Since our Alfa Bio delivery vehicles operate on natural gas, we behave in an equally earth conscious way in our distribution network,

We believe that Lunter products will become and then remain a part of your healthy diet.